DIY Projector Using an OHP




Introduction: DIY Projector Using an OHP

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This is another projector i made about 2 years ago, but i still have fully working.

I don't have a lot of time to tell you what to do step by step, and my English is really bad, but i have lots of pictures that may help anybody who want to make one of this cheap (under 50 UK Pounds)

If you have any question... Just ask, I'll be glad to help.



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    Hello! I have old projectors with busted bulbs and I have bulbs that doesn't comply with the brand of projectors I have. can I actually do something about it and make use of the bulbs I have? can I connect the bulb in any other way?

    can i use simple magnifying glass istead triplet lens

    Hi! It's a great diy projector. I'm in progress to build one with OHP
    lenses too, But i have some question, How to cut an OHP fresnel lens?
    It's looks like two different focal fresnel lens glued in the edges to become like one piece of lens glass, is it right? if yes, do i have to split them before?. from your picture i saw, you just cut it from the egde to the center? what kind tools that u use? it's look like a cutter/saw. Please answer as soon as possible, and sorry if my english is so bad. thanks for your nice instructables.

    Hi there! I don't have the projector anymore, so I don't know how big there were. But you can see on the pictures how big they are more or less. You could make it without the heatsink if the ventilation works well.

    Hey just wondering But what size were the heat sinks? try to reply as soon as possible please

    Hi all, don't know if anybody can help but I started working on one of these projectors recently. I took an LCD from a broken motherboard and got a driver off ebay. I plug in a video source and the picture comes on. Problem is as soon as I move the screen over top of the over head projector the video goes blank. if I put just a part of the screen over the OHP just that section goes out. The video wont come back until I turn the LCD off and then back on. Anyone have any idea as to why a light source could stop the screen from working?

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    Hi there,
    That is very strange. Is there anything magnetic on the top of the OHP? Did you get a reading of the temperature on the top of the OHP?
    Send some pictures if you can.

    I dont think it can be from the heat because it happens even when I've just turned the OHP on, before any heat can build. I don't think there is anything magetic in the projector.

    hey mate i habe a viewsonic 506d and i dont think its really necesary to use a fresnel lent what do you think? pleace anser to me. Pd: mi data is not working it just shutdown a few seconds after turn on

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    hello. i don't have the fresnel lens. can i make it without it? plzzz reply..or do i use a high power CFL bulb

    is it necessary to remove backlight
    i m making one
    but i am unable to remove backlight
    plzzzzzzzzz reply fast

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     hi i dont get one thing.

     so first light source then condenser lens  then fresnel lens  then lcd and finally ohp lens (i wont be using a mirror) -- is it the right order or i am missing somenthing  --. hope you will answer

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    Hi there. The fresnel lens is from the ohp, both of them. The OHP has two lenses together, you could keep them together and place them just b4 the LCD, that wont let you adjust the keystoning. If you separate them and place one after the LCD and make it able to till, you will be able to adjust keystoning.

    can i attach lcd and OHP fresnel lens,and then they are connected to a holder,so that lcd and fresnel lens will move.will this help in adjusting key stoning effect.

    To adjust the keystoning you will need to fix the lcd and connect the fresnel in a way you can tilt it