DIY Pulley String Elevator




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This elevator is basically just a plank of wood, string (NOT thread), a weight and a pulley.

To start out with, you tie a square or overhead knot in the center of the plank of wood.

Next, thread the string through the pulley.

Next use a weight equal to the wood plank to keep to from falling out.

Tie a knot around a dumbbell or kettlebell weight equal to the weight of the plank.

last attach the pulley to an area you want to elevate yourself to.

if necessary, use a 9v or lithium ion battery and a motor for the pulley to move, otherwise use your hands and weighted string side.

make sure you test it and HAVE FUN, it is important.

enjoy your new simple elevator :)

P.S. this Instructible was made in memory.

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Step 1: More Things You Can Do

you can also build a box and nail it to the plank of wood to build a simple dumbwaiter. Cut out a fraction in the wall of your house (if you are permitted [if type of house is apartment or rent to own house]) insert pulley on a stud in the wall



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    3 years ago

    that is why I drew it on paint


    3 years ago

    thanks, I tried building one and I failed


    3 years ago

    Very nice project!