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In honor of His Royal Badness, Prince, we've made purple concrete votives. Here's how you can make yours!

Step 1: Materials List

You will need petroleum jelly, a large disposable cup, a smaller disposable cup, a few stir sticks and concrete. I'm using DCI Concrete Overlay due to the faster cure time (roughly 72 hours), DCI Concrete Dye (for color), acetone, an acetone sprayer and a little concrete sealer to preserve the color.

Several of the items listed can be found at

Step 2: Prepare for Casting

Completely coat the interior of the larger cup and the exterior of the smaller cup with petroleum jelly for easy concrete cast removal. Wipe off any excess (you don't need much).

Step 3: Mix and Pour Your Concrete

Mix the concrete to a pancake batter consistency. Pour the concrete into the larger cup. Press the smaller cup into the larger cup. Be sure not to push the smaller cup all the way to the bottom.
Allow the concrete to cure for 72 hours (per DCI Concrete Overlay, a week for ready mix).

Step 4: Remove and Clean the Concrete Cast

Gently remove the cast from the molds. You may have to rip the cups if you didn't use enough petroleum jelly.
Clean the cast with something gentle like dish soap. Rinse the cast with clean water.

Step 5: Prepare to Color Your Concrete Cast

Design your cast any way you like! I'm using electrical tape to make an even, straight line on my cast.
I'm applying acetone-based concrete dye to get a beautiful purple color.

Step 6: Mix and Apply Acetone-based Concrete Dye

Mix the concrete dye per manufacturer's instructions. Acetone dye can be finicky, so spray a thin coat with an acetone sprayer, let it dry, then spray another thin coat. Acetone dye only takes a few seconds to dry between coats.

Step 7: Seal Your Concrete Votive and Enjoy!

Seal your concrete votive with a sprayable concrete sealer. Light, even coats are key here. Heavy coats could make the sealer run and ruin your design.
Allow the sealer to dry completely (24 hours) then add a tealight and enjoy!

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