DIY Quadcopter With 51 MCU C8051F 2212 KV930 Motor German EPP1045

Introduction: DIY Quadcopter With 51 MCU C8051F 2212 KV930 Motor German EPP1045

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Are you dreaming about DIY a cool quadcopter by yourself one day?Today ICStation Team will share you the making steps with a lot of ultra-clear pictures. The quadcopter we introduce to you uses framework of 51MCU and all modules of system based on C8051F.The rack is made of electric straight liner and tube socket with hard disk slice.The motor uses 2212 KV930. The front and back side of propellers use German EPP1045.

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Step 1: Prepare Two Hard Disk

These are two second-hand hard disk.

Step 2: Install the Base of Electric Straight Liner

Step 3: Prepare and Install the Main Parts of Engine Body

Step 4: Use Desktop Miniature Bench Drill to Process Rack

Step 5: Use the Original Propeller Protector to Fix These Two EPP1045 Propellers

Step 6: Weld Banana Pin

Step 7: Install and Fix the Motor

Step 8: The Whole Structure of Rack

Step 9: To Modify the Remote Control FT06-C

Based on the cheap and big size FT06-C, add two ratio channel and LCD to display the relevant parameter.Leave the high frequency control head and replace whole PPM encoding board.

Step 10: Cutting the Board With the Specialized Knife

Step 11: Take Down the Original PPM Board of FT06-C

Step 12: Put the Board in This Place

Step 13: Add a 5110 LCD in This Place of FT06-C

You could find this 5110LCDthrough the link:

Step 14: Weld the PPM Control Board

Step 15: Successfully Light the LCD

Step 16: Look the Whole Effect After Adding the LCD

Step 17: Install the Potentiometer of the Left and Right Side

Step 18: Wire the LCD and Potentiometer

Step 19: Look the Two Added Potentiometer

Step 20: Increase the Height of Potentiometer Knob

Step 21: Calibration the Central Point of the Rocker in Engineering Mode

Step 22: Display Valid Values of PPM in Front 6 Channels When Working

Step 23: The PPM Waveforms of 8 Channel Displaying Through the Receiver

Step 24: Flight Testing in G3.5

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    Yes nice work ICS. But I wonder would a couple of DVDs or CDs be lighter? I'm sure they would be less durable but I like increased flight time.