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Introduction: DIY Quick Cheap Airstone

About: Hey! i am High school student studying and like to make new things and do inventions

when i am going to clean up my tank i saw my air stone is broken and not working

so i decided to build one because i don't want to go outside so things i used in this

1. Airline pipe
2. a Gravel (stone)

Step 1: Pipe

use a stone or any gravel to close end of pipe so that air cannot escape easily

and create pressure inside pipe for escape from tiny pin size holes.

Step 2: Making Holes in Pipe

use any pin to make holes in airline create as many holes as you can

and after that test if it doesn't make bubbles make holes little big so air can escape

Done :D

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These holes work for some time but it wont after some time. I personally have done it, a 3 footer one. But after a week the number of bubbles dropped sadly. And only bubble's with big holes worked but they didnt looked pretty finally bought airstone.

    Mahir Asrani
    Mahir Asrani

    Reply 5 years ago

    Don't know about yours but mine work its more than 2 months still work fine