DIY Quick System - for DIY Photo Light Modifiers




Introduction: DIY Quick System - for DIY Photo Light Modifiers

I was reading the DIYP Gear Buying Guide, and they mentioned the Honl Speed Strap System.

Its a versatile portable system of modifiers for your strobe.   I've already started my own set of DIY modifiers from ideas on DIY Photography, and here on Instructables, so I didn't need a whole system.  I also use Velcro, but I didn't like leaving sticky adhesive on my strobes. I also didn't want to spend $10 per strap.

Here I've used some sticky back velcro, and tennis grip overwrap that I already had on hand.  Its cheap enough to make them for all your strobes, and probably have some for your friends too.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need:

1. Overwrap for tennis raquet grips.  - This one happens to be Prince, but any thin cheap overgrip will work.

2. Adhesive backed hook and loop fastener.  - I had some genuine Velcro on hand.

About 10 in. / 260mm of the loop side of the fastener,
about 2.5in. / 60mm of the hook side of the fastener,
and about 7.5in / 200mm of the overgrip tape.

You can adjust these to the size of your flash head.

Step 2: Tape the Tape...

To make things easier, Use some office tape doubled back into loops to temporarily hold the piece of overgrip to the table with the back side facing up.

Then peel off most of the backing on the loop side of the Velcro and stick it down to the back of the overgrip tape.

Step 3: Flip and Tape

Turn the whole thing over, and discard the temporary loops of office tape. Then expose the remaining back of the loop side of the Velcro.

Then stick the loop side of the Velcro onto the back of the exposed back of the loop side.

Step 4: Trim

Now trim any overhanging bits of Velcro that still have adhesive exposed.

Also trim off any extra width of the overwrap.

To make sure it was all stuck together, I used firm pressure to run the side of a pen across the whole strip.

Lastly, peel off any packing film that may be on the overgrip, to expose the tacky rubber.

Step 5: Wrap the Strap, and Stick Your Modifiers.

Now you can wrap the rubber side around your flash head, and have a removable velcro to affix your DIY light modifiers.

Without leaving a sticky mess on your strobe.

Step 6: Make More DIY Modifiers

Here is a small gallery of the DIY modifiers I have made for the quick strap system.

They work with bigger heads such as my SB-24 (pictured) and Vivitar 283, as well my smaller Kodak P20 Zoom Flash.

When I started using this system, and stopped using rubber bands, my setup instantly looked more professional.
They are vey quick to change. I was able to swap modifiers and snap all these photos in about 3 minutes.

Most of these are designs found on instructables, or other DIY places on the web. They usually suggested rubberbands or attaching sticky velcro directly to the flash. But they are easily modfied to work with this system.

Update: The Velcro did not want to stay stuck to the shelf liner diffuser over a long time. Materials such as these will benefit from being stapled together. You can also sew or glue on some non-adhesive Velcro.

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