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From what I've seen, quilling tools really aren't all that expensive (at least they shouldn't be) but why buy something when you can make it from materials laying around the house? The epoxy, needle, and cork used in this project are every day materials that I already had and took less than 5 minutes (not including drying time) to do.

DIY tools are a great solution for teachers (and parents, camps etc.) to keep costs low when buying tools and supplies for crafts and projects. If for some reason your quilling tool comes apart or breaks, simply replace the cork.

This instructable will show you how to make an inexpensive slotted quilling tool.

Check out my other quilling instructable to learn how to make your own fabric "paper" for quilling.

I hope you enjoy and please don't forget to vote! :)

Step 1: BoM

Strong epoxy


Embroidery needle

wire/metal snips

Step 2: Adhere

Cover the sharp end of the needle with epoxy and then stick into the center of your cork, I went a little more than 1/2 deep.

Let the needle and epoxy dry. Follow the drying time on your epoxy, but I'd say about 20 minutes later I was quilling!

Step 3: Snip

When the epoxy is dry and the needle is firmly set in the cork, take your metal snips or wire cutter and trim off the top. This opens up the needle and gives you a slot for sticking fabric into. I only removed the very tip, which still didn't leave me with a long slot but this tool was able to handle strips of quilling fabric 1/2" in width.

Slide your fabric strip into the slot and begin turning until you have a full coil.

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3 years ago

I like how you said "materials laying around the house". Damn girl! I have to go buy a bottle of wine! Ha! But I like the idea of your quilling tool. We are neighbors! I live in Worcester!

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Reply 1 year ago

but then we can but quilling stick at craft stores