DIY RC Control Horns From Recycled Plastic Cards With Template

All RC planes need a control horn to mount the push rods which are controlled by the servos. Without these, the plane will be uncontrolled. Most of the DIY solution of RC control horns needs a laser cutter but for most of us who don't have a laser cutter, here's a cheap,easy, and reliable solution for your RC Plane Control Surfaces.

All my planes use this type of control horn and I have not had a single one fail!

Step 1: Measure and Draw

Measure the control horn needed. I normally use only half of the width of the card. I've provided a ruler to the template so you can scale yours accordingly.

Step 2: Holes

To make holes on a piece of plastic it is easiest to do so with a soldering iron. With the soldering iron cold, wrap a paperclip around it and tighten it with pliers. Then, push it down onto the card.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the drawn outline. Then, cut two small notches on the side so that it can stand steadily on the control surfaces.

Step 4: Mount and Enjoy!

Mount it onto your RC plane by making an incision with an x-acto knife and applying hot glue to the stand.

Enjoy and Happy Flying!



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