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Introduction: DIY RC Transmitter Hack: Joystick MOD

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Hi everyone
Hi friends We have been prototyping since 2015. We rarely documented our works. It would have been really great if someone got benefited from our works, So we thought of posting our ideas projects as Instructables.While searching the internet to collect ideas on DIY-RC Transmitter and Receiver. We encountered many people struggling with the Self-centering Joystick for Throttle.

Guess what!

We've found an effective solution for this problem without damaging the Joystick. It's really a damn simple solution. We've tested it with the PlayStation (kind of) Joysticks. It proved to be very helpful.

Step 1: Let’s Tinker

If it is a BreakoutBoard, first remove it.Then,

Remove the back cover of the Joystick
Be sure you loosen the links or else you will break the backcover! Don't remove the axes,you might damage the potentiometer inside the Joystick

Step 2: Free the Sliding Portion

Now you will be able to see the inside of the Joystick

To remove the spring and the sliding portion, You'll need to BREAK the locks

On breaking the locks, the sliding part will pop up.

Note:The sliding part must not be damaged

Step 3: Most Important Step

Cut the center portion

You must cut it as perfectly as possible.

This will help one of the axes to be freed from Self-Centering

Note: Don't cut the portion which holds the Spring. This will totally spoil the Joystick

Step 4: Put It Back Together-Testing

Test it by just putting it back together

Don't fasten the links!!!!

Just test it by holding it firmly in your hands

If your Joystick is working as expected, just move on to the next step

Else If your Joystick is not smooth or If it is getting stuck at one position or If it is not reaching it's maximum range; don't panic. Just once again make sure that the circle is perfectly cut off! then it should work perfectly fine

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now you shall fasten the links.

Don't forget to put the push button in it's place

Wow that's awesome You've modified your Joystick for your DIY project.

Best of luck : Let your project be a great success

Step 6: Help Up Improve

If you feel that this project was worth viewing or If it will help you;

This is our first Instructable,So please bear with us and

Please consider commenting so that we will be able to rectify our mistakes and create Better Instructables in the future

Your suggestions will help us evolve a lot.

You can have a look at our other Instructables if you wish

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Clever hack. This could be useful for a lot of projects.I hope that you will share more of your projects.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes of course,

    We will be posting our upcoming projects in the near future.
    We are also looking forward to re-create & document our undocumented projects.

    We Thank Everyone for the immense response