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Introduction: DIY RC Floatie Unicorn

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Here it is.
My RC Unicorn.
I made it just for fun, or just because when i get a crazy idea for a new project I just can't get it out of my brains untill it's done.
And because it is so fun. You should also make one :) Just follow the steps it can be made in just a few days.

Step 1: The Video

First watch the first half of the video so you get the idea what it is all about. Do you have a pool foloatie drink holder? Amazing! Why don't you make it RC?! :)
Anything from ducks, flamingos,... but unicorns are the best!

In the second part of the video there is a fast step by step assembly procedure. I suggest you watch this so you will get the idea how it is made. follow the steps in the description below for more details.

Step 2: What Do You Need to Make It?

First you need an unicorn :) You can buy it extremley cheap online just search for "drink floatie unicorn".

Second you need a boat for the motor and electronics.
I have included the .stl files so you can print it. No need to design it, just use my model. Or if you want make your own. I suggest you print it from abs plastic so you can make it smooth with acetone. Make some ABS juice by mixing abs with acetone. Paint the boat with this juice as shown in the video.

Other materials and equipment:
-Radio control unit and receiver (any rc control unit will do the job since you only need 2 channels)
-Boat jet motor (it costs only 10-15$ online) brushed is totally ok. No need for brushless.
-ESC brushed motor controller for about 20A. Also costs around 10$
-Small servo motor. Any servo that fits in the boat is ok.
-Lipo battery. 2-3S is ok. I used 3S 1300mAh.

Step 3: Installing the Propulsion System

-Install the motor in the boat with screws. See the video from step 1 for details.
-Connect the motor and the ESC with cables (use solder iron)
-Install the ESC where there is place in the boat. On one side of the motor there should be space for ESC and on the other there should be enough space for the receiver and servo.
-Mount esc and receiver with foam to fix them.
-Use printed mounts in the boat to mount the servo. Mount servo with silicone or screws.
-Connect esc and servo data wires to the receiver.

Step 4: More Connections...

Solder an extension cable from the ESC input to the battery. There is a hole in the boat in the rear side. Make the battery cable go threw this hole. Make it long enough to reach the battery that will sit in the "drink" hole in the unicorn.

Drill a hole near the boat's rudder arm.
Connect he servo and the motor's rudder with a push rod in a tube. The rod and tube must have a tight fit. Grease the tube well to prevent water to enter the boat threw it.

Step 5: Before Closing

Look at teh picture, this is how the interior should look like when it is finished. Fill the free spaces with foam.

Advice: If you have some space left in the front of the boar or on the sides fill it with some heavy metal parts. (I usew lead pieces). Why? The boat must be as heavy as possible especially in the front part.

Step 6: Sealing

Seal the boat with extreme precision so the water will have no ways to enter the boat. Use natural silicone.

Seal around motor mounts on bottom and rear side. Seal where the cables go out. And finally when you screw the top cover seal that too.
Watch the video for sealing details.

Step 7: Installing Battery and Boat

Install the battery in the "drink hole" of the unicorn.
Advice: Install it before inflating as shown in the video. It is much easier.

Connect the boat and the unicorn with cable ties around neck and tail and threw holes in the boat on the front and rear side.

Step 8: Have Fun!

Finally set up your RC transmitter by centering the rudder position and limiting the angle of rudder in the transmitter settings.

Advice: Limit the thrust of the motor. At maximum power the boat can jump out of the water as it is too powerful if you use 3S battery.
Advice 2: the drink can on the unicorn must be empty for better performance. If it is full it tends to flip.

And the most inportant for the end:
have fun with it :=)


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