The weekend's here! Our new DIY shelf tutorial makes for a productive weekend project. We usually use shabby, old pallets for our material, but this can be made from other sources. The images in our tutorial show wood that's been sanded and varnished, and therefore took a few hours to construct. Feel free to make this in any way you prefer. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave us some!

Step 1: Know Your Pallet

The wooden blocks needed for this project are easy to find among EUR-pallets, and the sizes may vary from one pallet to another.

However, finding the pallet itself may not be as easy.

    Step 2: Requirements

    • From pallet, 2 wooden blocks measuring 7 x 3.5"
    • 4 planks measuring 15 x 3.5"
    • 1 plank measuring 23"
    • Wood screws measuring 2.5" (costs less than $5 at your local hardware store)
    • Drill

    Step 3: Assembling & Drilling

    Begin by attaching one of the 15″ planks to the wooden block as shown in the picture. Be sure that both pieces form a 90° angle before you drill em' in (3-4 screws should be enough).

    Step 4: Assembling & Drilling

    Repeat step 3, but toward the opposite direction (3-4).

    Step 5: Repeat

    Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the remaining planks and blocks to be left with 2 halves of the whole shelf.

    Step 6: Attach Support Plank

    Begin drilling in the 23" plank as shown in the picture.

    Then, align the second half of the shelf with the 23" plank and drill, drill, drill. Use as many screws as you need.

    The plank will serve two purposes: acting as the 'spine' of the shelf (, and providing ample space between the two halves.

    Step 7: Completion

    Voila! This is the final stage of your shelf. Mount it somewhere pretty.

    Thanks for reading, and we hope you guys give this project a go (be sure to take and share pictures). Don't forget to VOTE for us!



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      10 Discussions

      @rnijland that looks awesome! keep it up!

      @NitroRustlerDriver good point!

      i made something similar, based on this tutorial...


      If you overhung the support plank past the top by a little bit, you could use this area to put a screw through into the wall, or even just drill a hole to hang the shelf from. For extra support and to keep it from swinging you could put another screw through the middle section.

      @OutlawKtulu hey, thank you! we used the same interior screws to drill into the wall for the sake of the picture. although its pretty sturdy, you can also attach shelf hangers and hook them up with nails in the wall for long-term use. its up to you.

      I do have a question, what are you using to attach the project to the wall?

      Nice Idea! I don't have any pallets around the shop, but I do have some Douglas Fir blocks and 1 inch thick boards that need to be used up :)