Introduction: RICE MILK

This is a simple and fast way to make delicious rice milk.

Way cheaper and healthier of most of the commercial rice milk you can find at the grocery, as it doesn't contain any carrageenan, thickener, artificial flavoring, etc...



- 50 g organic rice (brown or white);

- 1 l of water;

- organic cane/white sugar (optional);

- a pinch of salt.


- a large pan with lid;

- a glass bottle;

- blender (or immersion blender).


Place the rice, a pinch of salt for flavor (optional of course, but I like it), and the water in a large pan.

You can also rinse the rice couple of time before using it.

I always use organic rice, as I want to avoid any chemical residue in my milk.

Step 3: COOK

Overcook the rice, I do the double amount of minutes of how suggested on the package, or at least 10 minute longer.

Use a lid, so the water doesn't evaporate too much.

When done the rice should look big and super soft, almost falling apart.


Allow to cool down the rice for a while, you don't want the liquid too hot enter in contact with your blender.

It also make the rice even softer.

Step 5: BLEND

Place it all in the blender, or use an immersion blender, until super smooth.


Add some sugar, I like organic brown sugar.

Just keep it plain if you will use the milk for salty dish, like quiches, ricotta, besciamella, soups, etc..

Step 7: FILTER

Filter it…or not.

If you cook the rice a lot, and blend it really well, you can definitely skip this tedious step.

With brown rice it is may be more necessary, as it have more residual.

Use any residual rice to add to your bred, soups, cookies, etc… to avoid any waste.

Step 8: DONE

Done! Store in a glass bottle in the refrigerator.

Shake before drinking.

It stay good for couple of days.

If you want a thicker milk, just use a little bit more rice, if you want it thinner, use less, or just add some boiling water when you are done making the milk.

You can add some chocolate powder, malt, vanilla, etc.. to make a delicious drink, or use it as a base for your vegan dishes, sweet or salty.

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    7 Discussions

    What does it taste like? Is the texture similar to cow milk? Do you have to shake it before you use it?

    2 replies

    It isn't similar to cow milk, texture little thick. It depends on how much water you add to it. It doesn't have any sediments so no need to shake but if u drink light hot na it tastes good.

    I'm not sure how to describe the taste, a good taste, but pretty plain before you add a tiny bit of sugar I think, kind of a light tasting milk perhaps…

    The texture is similar to milk, as the base is water, but it is a little thicker due to the starch contained in rice.

    And yes, you need to shake before drink it, I'll add it in the instructable.

    Thank you!

    Would be very interesting. I see it won't likely have a ton of potassium, which, for my situation I would need, so this is "home" to me here.

    I'm going to try this, it's easier and cheaper than almond milk

    2 replies

    Yes, it is one of the fastest and simplest vigan milk I found, and also really good