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Hey guys! In today's video I bring you two recycling projects that are both easy and cheap, and I'm sure you already have at home most of the thing that are needed.

For the magazine holder you will need: A cereal box, and some wrapping paper or decoupage paper.

First, I spray painted the box white because my paper was kind of sheer, but this step is optional.

Measure more or less how big you want your magazine holder to be and draw some marks. Then make a two centimeter horizontal line and join it to the upper mark. Use these marks to draw around the box. Cut it out and you will have something like this.
Then add some glue and cover the box with the wrapping paper, making sure you don't leave any air bubbles.

Cut the excess paper, leaving one centimeter at the edge and fold and glue this part to the inner part of the box.

And of course the last step is to put all your magazines in the holder.

For the bracelet holder you will need: Some cardboard rolls and some wood pieces.

There are a lot of different possible rolls you can use for this DIY, This one is the roll of a wrapping paper, This one is from the aluminum foil. You could also use the roll from kitchen paper towels but it's not very resistant.

First, take one of the rolls and cut a more or less 20 cm piece . This will be the where the bracelets are going to be. Use that piece as a guide to cut another one.

Then take the strongest roll you can find and cut a 10 cm piece. This will be the base of the holder. Then cut a slightly larger piece, of more or less fifteen cms.

As you see, the pieces don't fit exactly, so make some half circles and cut them carefully. Remember to start small and continue cutting until the two pieces fit.

Then glue the base to the centre of the wood piece. Paint them black with some spray paint.

As you see I also decided to paint the inside of the other rolls, but I didn't paint them completely because I preferred to cover them with some velvet adhesive paper.

For that you will need to first measure and cut how much paper you need, and then stick it to the roll.

Finally glue down this piece to the base with some strong glue.
And your bracelet holder will be finished!!

So, I hope you liked these two projects and make sure to tweet me a picture if you try any of them. Also, leave me any request in the comment section and I will try my best to make it happen. Thanks for watching!!

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    5 years ago

    Wow, I shall use the ideas. I'm just a beginner at this sorta thing.

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    4 years ago

    any good ideas for a single mom of teenagers


    5 years ago

    What kind of glue did you use for the magazine holder?


    5 years ago

    What is your channel on youtube? I love your instructables! :)

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