DIY Rainbow Throw Up Emoji Decoration

What’s a selfie without some face filters? Thanks to Snapchat, we’ll never have to be without the adorable graphics. It’s so popular, Instagram and Facebook created their very own! If you’ve got a little #influencer on your hands and you’re throwing them a social media-themed celebration, we’ve got just the DIY party decoration for you.

Step 1: Supplies


  • Hula Hoop
  • Yellow, black and white felt
  • Crepe Streamers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple)
  • Fishing Line
  • Water erase pen
  • Hot Glue
  • Painter’s Tape

Step 2: Build the Head

Place a hula hoop on a large piece of yellow fabric and trim around this shape, leaving a 2-inch margin. Cut slits along this shape so you can easily fold the fabric around the hula hoop.

Tie 4 long pieces of fishing line at the top and sides of the hula hoop to be used at a later step.

Step 3: Create the Face

Cut out a large half circle and 2 circles from black felt. Cut out 2 smaller white circles and two even smaller white circles. Flip the hula hoop over and adhere the mouth and eyes on, as shown.

Step 4: Add the Colored Streamers

On the party day, use painter’s tape or command hoops to hang your smiley face up on the wall using the fishing line strings you tied on.

Adhere the crepe streamers onto the hula hoop to make it look like it’s coming out of its mouth. Let them hang long and down behind your dessert table, just like on the dessert plate.

Add additional pieces behind the hoop hanging down as well so that the whole wall under the hoop is full of beautiful colors.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Continue unrolling more crepe streamers up and over the dessert table, cascading down the front. Flank both sides of the table with fun letter balloons stating trendy phrases from this fun Selfie Celebration party theme!

Don’t be surprised if your guests want to snap a selfie with this cute party decoration. Just make sure they use your party’s #hashtag when posting their pics to their social media feeds!



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    This is some party!!! Love it!