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Introduction: DIY Raised Fort

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This is a raised fort that was built by Dad and me a long time ago. It has a trick door and a secret entrance. The ramp was originally designed to raise and lower, but the mechanism was 100 cranks for 1 inch of raise. That would be 12,000 cranks to fully raise it! The fort is raised 10 feet off the ground. Any pictures I find of it being built I'll post. The secret door looks like a wall, (The wall on the right side of the door) but when pushed, it opens. It locks from inside with a deadbolt.

We would sleep in here with friends over, and Dad would come out and start scratching the walls and banging on the windows. Good times.
It also was the center of a lot of Airsoft battles, until I built the Airsoft course Hunter's Run in the woods. Most of the attack and defend battles were boring, because the defenders would lock themselves in the fort, and nothing could be done to get to them. The floor is covered in BBs.



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    15 days ago

    So where are the instructions??? i paid for a two year subscription for the pictures???

    "I don't know Just looks like a tree house, not a fort. I've seen forts. That's a tree house. Sick [very good] though".

    this is seriously nice. mine looks like a shack, but its still cool.

    my parent never got one untill i was 10 and that one is one of those chinsy one from the store basicly a open deck with a tarp on it and now im too old for it and big for it (sigh)

    i would bust open the wall with airsoft bbs!if i were you that is then they open the window to fire then bam they get rained with ammo

    I wish I had a treehouse in my younger days, when we actually had a tree.

    I love it! I never had anything this fancy. We had a little playhouse, and lots of forts built out of plywood, but nothing like this. :D

    Neat Instructable...hey, how did you do the Flash video?...did you make the video from scratch or using a tool...thanks, Jack

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    Just hover your mouse over "Submit" (On the orange banner above, under the ad banner) then hit "New Slideshow" It's just like making Instructables, all you do is add pictures and a description.

    Hey dude, that's a pretty sick fort. It looks awesome. Your dog looks tired. :-O Nice house dude, this Slideshow is one of the best I've seen. +1 rating.