DIY Rangoli Stencils



Here is a super easy way to make rangoli / kolam stencils!

All you need is...
~Styrofoam plate
~A thick needle / nail 
~A pencil

Step 1: Making the Stencil

Here is how you make the stencil...
~Draw the rangoli / kolam of your choice on the plate with a pencil.
~Poke hole along the lines of the rangoli / kolam with the needle of nail.
~Remove any bit of Styrofoam sticking out on the back of the plate carefully.
You rangoli stencil is ready!

Step 2: Making Rangoli Using the Stencils

To make rangoli / kolam on the floor with this stencil...
~Place the stencil on the surface.
~Sprinkle rice flour / rangoli powder over the holes on the stencil.
~Carefully lift the plate off the surface without shaking it.

Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)



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