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Hi,Happy Halloween Day to all.This rasengan is ideal for Halloween day.We can see it as a powerful weapon of many superheroes.Here is a simple tutorial for making rasengan at home.Here's a video of if working:-

Step 1: Looks

We can also change the pattern of rotation of the device.Here are some pictures showing it working.

Step 2: Things Required

Things required are :-

  1. Super glue
  2. AA cell
  3. Wires
  4. Small motor
  5. 3V DC motor
  6. CMOS
  7. L.E.D
  8. Gear from old RC car
  9. Round cardboard


  1. Nipper
  2. Pliers etc.

Step 3: Making L.E.D Glow

Take a CMOS and connect the L.E.D terminals to the cell for L.E.D to light up.You can tape it up but if you want to save power then make a push switch making small adjustments.

Step 4: Preparing Cell 2

Just tape up two wires from the two terminals of AA 1.5 volt cell.Don't use BULKY cell (larger size) This cell is for the small motor to run.

Step 5: Joining L.E.D to Motor

Using super glue join the L.E.D part to the top of motor.Make sure that the motor isn't blocked with super glue.I faced this problem :-( if so then open and clean the inner shell of motor and then close everything again.

Step 6: Completing Moving Part

Connect the motor to cell and using tape make the bond and bend the motor slightly to one side.

Step 7: Main Moving Part

Join the cell to the wheel of geared part from old RC car .

Step 8: Strap

Use cardboard or similar material for making its strap and then using duct tape join the geared part of car to the strap.Keep safe distance for the whole setup to run freely with crashing with hand.I had used wheel to increase the distance.

Step 9: Done!

Wear and show it off to everyone.Showing superpowers.It can be the last hour project for Halloween Day.Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween Day!


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    Just brought all the Naruto nerds (myself included) out of the depths of their mother's basement.

    Gomi no Sensei

    3 years ago

    You should get yourself a hot glue gun. Then you won't need to use 100m of sticky tape.


    3 years ago

    1. Summon shadow clone

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