DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center (OSMC) With RetroPie!


Introduction: DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center (OSMC) With RetroPie!

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Let's make a all in one media center with a raspberry pi 3. this is a media center that can play movies, music, pictures, display the weather, emulate old games, and much more. All you will need is a Raspberry Pi 3, HDMI cord, input method, and power source.

I got my Raspberry Pi 3 from GearBest, Click Here to check it out!

And if you like video's more here you go

Step 1: Flash OSMC to SD Card

TIP: Your SD card should be no less than 8gb for any RPi Image

Download the image from:

Download Rufus from:

Step 2: Install Retrosmc Setup Script

Open the terminal (do so by exiting OSMC and when the loading screen appears push ESC or connect via SSH[Username: osmc, Password: osmc)

First, we will download the installation script to our pi

cd /home/osmc

Next, lets make it executable

chmod +x

Finally, run the script


Step 3: Install RetroPie

This is easy the pi does it on it's own all you need to do is select binary-based installation. When it's done click cancle until your back to the terminal then

sudo reboot

Step 4: Customize Home Menu

First, go to Settings>Appearance>Skin>Settings>Home>Customize Home Menu

Second, add a new menu button called games

Third, (optional) add a icon (the one i used is here)

Fourth, in the ChangeAction box add a custom action, this will be:


Finally, Save your changes and test it out!!

Step 5: To Add Rom's to RetroPie

Download them from a site like put them on a flash drive and use RetroPie's file manager to import them. You also could use FTP if you have it setup.

Step 6: Install Pandora on OSMC

Download the .zip file and put it on a flash drive (download .zip file)

Then to install navigate (System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file) and install it

Step 7: Thanks

I hope you liked this instructable, if you do have anymore questions leave them in the comments



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    17 Discussions

    I made it through step 4. However, when I test out the Games menu item, I see a black screen and then it's as if my Raspberry Pi reboots. Any suggestions?

    Nice tutorial, been wondering to do this for quite some time.

    The script is no longer avalible, that url returns error 400 : bad request :-(

    Any chance some1 knows a working url?

    1 reply - you had to mouseover the link to get the whole thing because it was being abbreviated by instructables.

    Hey man, Im not getting the second screen asking weather i want to install from bin or src. it just says successfully installed and freezes. Whenever i launch the script again it says install successful too.

    After that I dont have the same options you to do to make a Game option in the menu. Im pretty linux savvy and i have no idea why this could be happening. Looks like an awesome solution and id love to get it working. Any thoughts?

    1 reply

    I honestly don't know why, did you try reinstalling the image?

    nice job. it works really fine. thank's a lot

    so how do i add games now that ive done this?


    1 year ago

    how about if my main OS is is posible install OSMC on retropie?so OSMC is optional on retropie..


    2 replies

    I think this is what you looking for:

    I don't believe it is, sorry

    Thanks - Been looking for a "How to install RetroPie on OSMC" for a while.

    FYI: Looks like the RetroPie install script has changed a little. There is no longer an option to add "select binary-based installation

    So just curious, once in Emulation there a way to go back to OSMC??? Or do i need to reboot the PI to get back????

    1 reply

    Yes you can just open the main menu then select exit

    System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file. Hope that's what you need

    oops.. I meant get to RetropPie while IN Confluence.

    I installed using your directions and though I can load it from the OSMC skin, I don't see it anywhere to access it or add it as an addon list item.

    I think this might help,