DIY Rechargable Bright LED Light From Laptop Battery




Introduction: DIY Rechargable Bright LED Light From Laptop Battery

I was having few old laptop batteries in my junkyard therefore I have decided to make some use of those batteries. Normally laptop batteries are of 3.6 to 4V rating therefore I have searched a LED strip from market here in Pakistan those LED strips are very common and easily available therefore I have selected a strip of 18LEDs, such strips are available for 20 cents (20 Rupees) from Pakistani market.

Now I have purchased Nokia battery charger socket a charging indicator LED and a switch and a diode all those spares are available for 10 cents (10 Rupees)

So if you have old laptop batteries you can construct this LED light just for 30 cents.

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Step 1:

Circuit is very easy

1. just connect battery with LED strip via switch

2. Connect charging socket with battery via a diode

3. Connect charging indicator with LED to charging socket.


Your Extra Bright DIY Light is Ready

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    4 years ago

    Looks cool, well done :)

    Salman Naveed

    I am happy to see someone promoting true Pakistani ingenuity! I've made an LED light just like this myself.