DIY Reclaimed Wood Sign Vintage (Up Inspired)




Introduction: DIY Reclaimed Wood Sign Vintage (Up Inspired)

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I have been making wood decorations out of wine staves and old wood around the yard
When the reclaimed wood contest showed up, I immediately went to work think of what I could make
I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a sign that said "antiques" but thought that was too dull
At first I wanted to make a sign with a house at the bottom but one of my kids said that was boring
They suggested adding the bubbles painted
That gave me an idea to make balloons popping out of the house like the movie Up

Step 1: Materials

Any type of wood lying around
I used wood from an old fence and cut it to about 20 " by 5"
Make sure the grain of the wood shows for a vintage look

Plywood for the house
4" be 4" for the square

Thin pieces of wood for the frame to fit around the plywood (optional)



Wood stain



Super glue


Table saw


Step 2: Making the Frame

Cut the plywood to desired length
Cut pieces of thin wood to make the frame around the plywood
Nail the pieces together using two nails on each side for strength

Step 3: Making the House

Cut a piece of plywood into a square
Set aside
Cut another piece of plywood into a triangle to fit the square
Stain if desired
Using a sponge dip into the stain and apply and dab on wood
Let dry

Step 4: Cutting the Balloons

Take the branches and start cutting them thinly on the table saw
Start staining them
To stain
Rub one side of the cut branch on the cement and dab stain on the slices
Let dry a day before gluing

Step 5: Glueing All Together

Using super glue, glue the square at the bottom or where ever you want it to be
Cut the string and attach to the top of the square using glue
Attach the end to the middle of the pink using glue
Glue the triangle to the square tilted
Start arranging the balloons on the string and glue together
Let it dry

Step 6: Results

If you want it to be on the wall add hole for the nail on the wall or use a different piece for hanging it
This was very easy and turned out really well

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4 years ago

hi- addition you had Beautifully tiles background. Custom made tiles?


4 years ago

Very nice. My wife has always loved "Up" and the house flying to paradise falls... just might have to make her one. : )

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That looks awesome. I love how you used different kinds of wood for different tones of the picture.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks ?