DIY Recycled Bottle Plant Holder

Introduction: DIY Recycled Bottle Plant Holder

This DIY is so simple and cute. Anyone can make this so why not give it a try! If you want a video tutorial I have one on my Youtube channel.

The Creative Square-

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

- Plastic Water Bottle

- Paint

- Scissors

- Permanent Markers

- Paint Brush

Step 2: Cut Off the Top

Start by piercing the plastic with your scissors. Then slowly make your way around in a straight line. You want to leave enough extra plastic at the top so you can cut your ears.

Step 3: Draw the Cat Outline

Now draw the outline of the cat. You can choose any animal you want, but remember to leave enough room at the top for the ears.

Step 4: Cut Out the Outline

Cut out the outline of the cat. Once you've cut out the ears the easiest method is two cut slits every two inches then cut across.

Step 5: Paint It

Paint it the colour you prefer, I went with a clean white. It took three coat to get it completely opaque. Make sure you let it dry between each coat.

Step 6: Draw on the Ears

I used a permanent marker to draw on the pink ears.

Step 7: Draw on the Eyes

I drew on the eyes to make the illusion of sleepy eyes, but you can make them open if you'd like. I used a black fine liner for the step.

Step 8: Draw on the Whiskers

I drew three tiny lines from the edge of her eye outwards.

Step 9: Draw the Nose

I used the same colour pink for the nose. Draw a tiny triangle in the middle of the cat's face.

Step 10: Put the Plant in the Pot

Take the plant out of the previous pot and place it into the one you've just made. And your finished!

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