DIY Recycled Craft : Best Out of Waste Dried Leaves & Broomstick Home Decoration Craft



Introduction: DIY Recycled Craft : Best Out of Waste Dried Leaves & Broomstick Home Decoration Craft

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

Hey friends! Lets take up another hit DIY Recycled Craft idea! Dried leaves and broomsticks crafts is something that no one can imagine making. Yes! A beautiful home decoration idea that can be made with craft supplies that are the most unimaginable to be used so. Simple dried leaves and broomsticks that are always trashed, can definitely innovate to make a beautiful best out of waste craft for your home decoration.

What's more! you can also use this amazing recycled craft ideas as an easy paper craft for kids too. Come let us have a look at how to make this dried leaves and broomstick craft!

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Step 1: Grab Your Craft Supplies!

The basic craft supplies requirement that you need to make this recycled craft are as follows:

Colored paper

Green paper



Cotton Bud


Styrofoam balls(colored)

Craft Wire


Dried Leaves

Cardboard Roll

Step 2: Let's Begin!

First of all to make the flowers bunch you need to take a piece of green crepe paper,scissors,thread and craft wire.

Twist the piece of green paper in the shape of a bud.

wrap the paper on the tip of the craft wire and fasten the end with a thread.

Step 3: Learn How to Make Paper Flowers

Take a white paper and draw the shape of a petal with pencil.

Make multiple such petals and cut them.

Take yellow colored paper and cut out a strip measuring 2 x 20 cm

Make small and close cuts on one edge of the strip.

Roll the craft wire with the bud with along the yellow strip.

Stick the bud with the craft glue


Step 4: Make the Flower.

Take the craft wire bud and start to paste paper petals around it.

Give the petals a curled look by rolling them outwards with the help of a earbud.

Take a Green crepe paper and cover the base of the flower where the petals en and the stem attaches.

Step 5: Make the Vase!

Take a cardboard roll and apply glue to a circular cardboard to make the base of the vase.

Take a blue colored paper and wrap the vase using it.

Take small pieces of Styrofoam sheet and place them inside the vase, in order to fix the broomsticks in it.

Take broomsticks and dried leaves as shown in the tutorial and fix it inside the vase.

Watch the tutorial to learn arrangement and fixing of broomsticks and flowers.

Step 6: Your Recycled Craft Using Dried Sticks & Broomsticks Is Ready!

There you have it friends! Easy and best out of waste craft idea of home decoration is ready just for your home. You can also decorate your work desk with this wonderful recycled craft idea. Making recycled crafts at home not only give you a chance to spend your time creatively but also, help you decorate your home in a cleaner and green way.There are plenty of home decoration ideas using recycled crafts and recycled crafts have their own charm.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to make best out of waste craft using Dried leaves and broomstick.

Step 7:

Step 8:

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