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Introduction: DIY Recycled Paper Bowl

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Refresh your mind by crafting something green this weekend! Gather all the supplies as listed below and follow this ible to make this cool recycled paper bowl.

You can use the bowl to keep your stuffs organized or as a center piece, so make one!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bowl you'll need:

  1. Old newspaper, magazine or calendar,
  2. Scissors,
  3. White glue,
  4. Paint brush,
  5. Golden acrylic paint,
  6. A bowl - to form the paper bowl,
  7. Polythene sheet.

Step 2: Making the Strips

Cut newspaper into strips (5-6 cm width) and use all the height from the newspapers' page.

Fold the strips to make them more sturdy and thin. I folded the initial strips into half and then into even thirds to get 1 cm wide strips.

Step 3: Making the Base

Take any one strip and apply glue on it and start rolling the paper from the glued area.

When you are done rolling one strip, take another strip and start gluing and rolling it from the part where the previous one ends.

Continue to glue and roll paper strips until it reaches the required size to make a bowl.

I stopped gluing when the rolled paper circle reached 12 inches diameter.

Step 4: Forming the Bowl

Take a bowl and turn it upside down. Place the rolled paper circle on the bowl (on the bottom side).

Press the sides of the rolled circle against the bowl under it to give it a bowl shape.

When you are done pressing and forming the bowl, apply a coat or two of white glue: Water (50:50) mixture with a brush. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 5: Coloring the Bowl

After the glue dries apply, 2 coats of gold acrylic paint (or any color of your choice). Allow the paint to dry.

You'll be surprised to find out how sturdy and stunning the bowl turns out.


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