DIY Removable 'Clothes Line'

Introduction: DIY Removable 'Clothes Line'

Expandable tension rods are not only inexpensive, but also extremely versatile and can do much more than hold a shower or window curtain in place. When I wash clothing that can't be put in the dryer, I came up with this super-easy solution. The best part is that no tools are required to install and it's removable when not in use. Read on for the simple, quick details.

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Step 1: Measure, Buy, Use

Find a suitable space, preferably one that is out of the way and where dripping water won't be a problem. I have an ideal place, a 42" space directly over the laundry basins. In the past, I hung clothing to dry over the bathroom shower nozzle, but often this wasn't practical.

After a quick shopping trip to buy a $4.00 expandable curtain rod for the size I needed, I was home adjusting the rod to fit snuggly between the wall and the wall cabinet. Make adjustments by twisting the rod to increase or decrease the size for a proper fit. The ends of the rod have protective rubber end caps so the rod won't mark the mounting surfaces. When not in use, the rod lives behind the door, waiting for the next laundry day.

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