DIY Repair/Replace Broken Lcd Screen - Toshiba NB200

Introduction: DIY Repair/Replace Broken Lcd Screen - Toshiba NB200

Oh dear. As you can see above this laptop a Toshiba NB200 had a slight disagreement with my foot, just a side note don’t leave your laptop on the floor. Anyways not all is lost your average person can replace the screen with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver and a replacement screen.

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Step 1: Broken Lcd Screen - the Tear Down

Alright the first step is to remove the battery, under the battery you will find three screws you need to undo. Refer to the picture below as to exactly where the screws are.

Step 2: Broken Lcd Screen - the Tear Down

Remove the panel which sits along the top of the keyboard, This should simply flip out as you just removed the screw from the base. Don’t apply any force this should pretty much fall out.

Step 3: Broken Lcd Screen - the Tear Down

Now comes probably the hardest part of the NB200 repair,  you need to remove  the two rubber plugs and then the two screws pointed out in the image below.   After that you need to slowly un-clip the face of the NB200 screen,  you will need to apply some force to get it to un-clip but this is where you really need to be careful so you don’t break it.

Step 4: Broken Lcd Screen - the Tear Down

Alright then your nearly there, now all we need to do is remove the actual screen.  Have a look in the image below and you will see four screws marked out,  You need to remove the screws going in to the lcd NOT the ones holding the lcd bracket.

Step 5: Broken Lcd Screen - the Tear Down

Once the lcd is out turn it over and lift up the tape holding down the NB200 lcd cable, Slowly pull the cable from the lcd being careful not to damage it.   You can see the cable I’m referring to below.

Thats it  your done pat yourself on the back,  now assembly is just the reverse of these instructions.   When reassembling be sure to check that no cables are hanging outside the lcd case.

Step 6: Not Broken Lcd Screen - the Result

You can see below its all fixed,  not bad and for a fraction of the cost of sending it in for repair. Now I relise this is specific to the NB200 but there is no reason you can not do this on any laptop you have.   Just go slow look carefully and most to all dont force things.  Good Luck.

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    1 year ago on Step 6

    Thank you! That was clear, easy to follow and above all it worked!