DIY Replacement Leg for a Christmas Tree

Introduction: DIY Replacement Leg for a Christmas Tree

So my loving wife pulls out the Christmas tree ( Merry Christmas To All) its that time of year again we go to assemble the thing and its missing a leg...not to be deterred.THERE WILL BE CHRISTMAS in this Home this year. I'm off to make a replacement, I scrounge up some repair material and off to the build.
Lucky for you all I know there is other Families missing the same leg! so I'm here to share the fix!

you'll need:

1) Caution always use caution- this instructable deals with cutting and drilling tools so keep your DIY Safety First on the list of things to bring.

2) A replacement piece of wood similar in size to the leg you are replacing.-I used a 3/4" piece of plywood

3) 5 (five) screws -I used Lath Screws x4 Sheetrock screw x1

4) Glue - not necessary but the nature of plywood encouraged me to use it

5) pencil 

6) Saw

7) Drill & Bits 

8) Screwdriver or Driver if your using your drill

9) Pliers

10) Clamp

11) Creative mindset.

Step 1: Creating the Shape of the Leg

Trace the shape of the leg.

Be mindful of how you will be cutting your peice as this will afect the usable scrap you have.

Measure 2 Cut 1 

Step 2: Cut the Form of the Leg

Using Caution...Go Chuck Norris with your handsaw

Step 3: Trim "foot" of Leg

using the Cut you made for the top angle of the Leg extend it a bit.

Measure the height (or compare proportions)  of the foot and Cut 

Step 4: Attaching the Foot to the Leg

Tap a hole through the foot and into the leg-tapping a hole will keep the wood from spliting

this is where you'll be gluing the foot on.

clamp till dry.

Trim the Screw you will use to secure the foot to the leg be mindful that the screw does not poke out of the other side.

Step 5: Holding the Leg in Place

Measure your internal Brace Depth and make sure the Screws you have will hold the Tree and Leg in place by being wide enugh (img3)

Trim the length so they don't poke out of the other side

sand the thing your almost done

Step 6: Internal Brace Prep

Space the 4 screw holes to tap

the Lath screws create a "I-beam" shape that holds the leg to the tree base

Clamp your work and tap the holes for the screws

Step 7: Work Comparison

Compare your Work to the sample leg.

Screw in the Lath screws till they match the gap of the sample leg.

Step 8: Assemble the Base of the Tree

Attach your work to the base of the tree and adjust the screws if needed to ensure a snug fit.


add your decorative cover and MAKE CHRISTMAS!! 

Merry Christmas!

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