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Introduction: DIY Repurposed Outdoor Yard Decor

About: Hi there my name is Alan Hatch I am a DIYer, an artist and love making decorations for my yard for the holidays, My instructables site allows me to show you how to do it in the hopes that you will explore yo...

These whimsical little elf like creatures were made from some left over wooden fence posts I had on hand. I recently rebuilt a part of my back yard fence and had a leftover wood post. I knew I wanted to do something with it but was not quite sure what I wanted. The end result I think turned out awesome and was a perfect addition to that little part of the yard that had nothing in it.

I repurpose everything somehow whether it's making something old new again or using my creativity for some new art, or decorations. I am always on the look out for new and exciting things to create, something that really get me going. This project used materials that were already on hand and some felt sheets that I bought for less than .28 cents each. In all this little décor project cost less than 5.00 to make.

You can see more of my creations on my website


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Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Old Wood Post Different Lengths
  2. Old Shirts Or Fabric Different Colors
  3. Acrylic Paint Red, Black, White
  4. 3- 1/2 Wooden Plug

Step 2: Hardware Needed

Glue Gun

Saw to cut wood lengths


4-finish nails for each character

Paint Brushes Assorted Sizes

Marker or Pencil


Step 3: Make the Eyes

With a pencil or marker make some eyes on your log Fig1.

Draw a small almost oval through the middle of the eye about half way down

Using some white acrylic paint fill in the upper part of the eye on each eye and let dry

refer to fig 2. to see how

using some of the black acrylic paint, fill in the lower half of the eye and trace around the white using a thin brush

mark the eyebrows with black paint

Step 4: Make the Mouth

About 1 1/4" inch below the bottom of the eye draw the mouth with a pencil fill in the mouth area with black paint fig. 1 let dry

Step 5: Make the Hands

Take a felt sheet that you can purchase at craft stores or wherever they sell crafts and with some scissors make a right hand and a left hand for your character

place the right hand about half way down on the right side and the left hand on the left side using hot glue to stick to the wood post once your hand is on tack it on using a finish nail and hammer on the end toward the back of each hand

Step 6: Add Clothing

I made hats for these guys by taking a piece of square cloth and meeting the two ends together

Take your hot glue gun and run a beed along each edge

For the top of the hat bring all the extra cloth together and tie it shut with a rubber band

turn inside out and fold up the bottom to make a collar

put on your character

using some hot glue tack it on the back of the wood

use a finish nail to tack on the back.

I use finish nails because these will be going outside and I don't want high winds to remove the clothing or the arms

Take an extra long piece of 2" wide fabric and make a scarf or a tie or whatever else you'd like to make

I think a bowtie would look really good on these charcters

tack on with hot glue gun and a finish nail in the back

Step 7: Add the Nose

Paint your wood plug with red acrylic paint and let dry

put your nose for your character between the center of the eyes and mouth using hot glue

Your project is finished display in that location that needs a little extra something

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