DIY Repurposed Vintage Schwinn Bicycle Flower Display




Introduction: DIY Repurposed Vintage Schwinn Bicycle Flower Display

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My grandfather bought this Vintage Schwinn Bicycle for my aunt over 45 years ago. He got more use out of it than my aunt ever did. I remember as a child watching him ride this classic bike. Not only could he ride it but he actually did a trick with it that the whole neighborhood absolutely loved to see him do and often requested when they saw the bike outside of the garage. He would ride this bike backwards. Yup that's right, he would climb on facing the back tire and drive up and down the street peddling backward.

I wanted a piece of my grandfather with me at all times, he was my mentor growing up, and so I proudly display this bike out in front of my home not only as a great planter for flowers but also in remembrance of the man I love. It took me a few years to actually paint it a different color and I was hesitant about doing so. But I knew that if I did not it would probably rust away in the garage. I did not want that to happen. So I came up with this beautiful flower stand that I actually have fallen in love with year after year.

It makes an awesome springtime display full of colorful flowers in a wicker basket. For more ideas visit my instructables page or my website

Step 1: Materials Needed

An old vintage bicycle

3-six packs of flowers

potting soil

1-wicker basket

Step 2: Hardware Needed

3 cans rustoleum yellow spray paint

plastic sheeting for lining the wicker basket



Step 3: Spray Painting

  1. Remove the wheels and chain assembly from the bicycle
  2. Using some plastic sheeting spread it out in a well ventilated outdoor area wide enough that the bike will fit in the center.
  3. Starting from the bottom start spraying your paint in a side to side motion
  4. flip the bike right side up and repeat the process of spraying until you get and even coat on the bike
  5. let dry
  6. repeat steps 3 and 4 for a more even coat
  7. repeat as necessary and let completely dry
  8. reinstall the wheels and chain assembly and stand upright

Step 4: Attaching the Wicker Basket

  1. find a wicker basket that will fit your bike nicely the wicker basket I used was about twelve inches in diameter
  2. using some wire, go through the bottom of the basket and around the newspaper holder on the bike. wrap the wire securely to the bikes frame.
  3. You may need to find ways to attach the wire in different locations so that your basket will stand up to strong winds and still stay attached.
  4. line the wicker basket with plastic sheeting
  5. punch some holes through the bottom of the plastic sheeting so water can drain out
  6. fill the wicker basket with potting soil and wet
  7. plant your flowers
  8. display proudly
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