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This time I tried to make Resin lamp,dolphin fairy lamp.This video is totally relaxing . It is beautiful Diorama | Dolphin leaping from water .The lamp displays crystal glass look.The light shines from inside the resin.I used 12 volt adopter and SMD strip light.

Material, Clear Epoxy resin with white and blue pigment, Plaster of paris, Clear glass (5mm), Feel free to ask any question about diorama, Your suggestion are welcome.

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Step 1: Dolphin Making

Firstly take a model of dolphin .Apply vaseline on dolphin Now make a mold of dolphin in half .Use plaster of paris for making mold.Take out half mold. Now apply vaseline on other side .Now make other piece.Take clear epoxy resin with white pigment , fill it and leave for 24 hours.Takeout dolphin of epoxy.

Step 2: Second Part Making

I used plaster of paris for my second part.For the complete detail ,you have to watch the video.Instead of plaster of paris you can use rubber mold. When mold will ready ,now use epoxy resin with blue pigment.Take out the project when it will dry. For the base I used glass .Take 6 to 8 pieces for it , join them to make a base.Use SMD strip for light.

Step 3: Final Pictures

DIY night lamp is ready for my room decoration. Few beautiful pics .

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    4 weeks ago

    This is gorgeous!. You did a fantastic job, and to see the molds are made of plaster is so cool. Thank you for sharing.

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