DIY Retro Bar (cardboard)

Intro: DIY Retro Bar (cardboard)

First- you need about 2 or 3 big cardboards (it's your choice what length you want it to be). It's very important that the cardboard would be thicker than normal so that it won't collapse.

Step 1: Work

Second- glue the peaces together to get a straight block of cardboard. Glue it very good, don't be greedy because it will pop out.
Third- bend the end's of the block the cardboard, but be CAREFUL it can rip or you can pop the glue out.
Fourth- mark the lines on the bar (I went retro), be creative as possible :)

Step 2: Paint

WARNING PAINT IT IN A WELL VENTILATED PLACE, outside is best, because I did it in doors and got poisoned a little bit... Okey so paint what color you love, like I said, be creative :)

Step 3: You're Done!!

I used it for party's and other occasions, it's not perfect, there are mistakes but you live and you learn, be safe and have fun!! :)



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