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Introduction: DIY Ribbon Flower Hair Clip

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Making simple ribbon flower hair clips may be a piece of cake for you now. If you want to scale new heights, you must try this distinctive ribbon flower hair clip with beads.

Step 1: What You Need:

25mm Satin Ribbon,

Lavender25mm Satin Ribbon,

Burgundy25mm Satin Ribbon,

Pink16mm Satin Ribbon,

Pink10mm Handmade Porcelain Bead

6mm Acrylic Beads Imitation Pearl, Light Goldenrod Yellow

15mm Shell Beads, Flower, White


Sewing Threads

Hair Barrette



Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Make Petals

1st, cut out four strips from burgundy ribbon measuring 14cm, four strips from lavender ribbon measuring 12cm, three strips from 25mm pink ribbon measuring 10cm and four strips from 16mm pink ribbon measuring 8cm;

2nd, take a wider pink strip and running stitch one long side with matching thread;

3rd, pull the thread tightly and knot to make a petal;

4th, do the same to make other petals. We have four burgundy petals, four lavender petals, three large pink petals and four small pink petals in all.

Step 3: Finish the Ribbon Flower

1st, lay a large pink petal on a burgundy petal in same direction;

2nd, lay a lavender petal atop and secure three petals with glue;

3rd, glue a large pink petal with a burgundy petal under the above three petals with making the petals slightly farther apart;

4th, overlap a small pink petal, a lavender petal, a large pink petal and a burgundy petal from top to bottom, then glue them next to above two new petals as shown;

5th, glue a small pink petal, a lavender petal and a burgundy petal orderly in the middle of two large petal groups to finish the flower. Then I glue a small pink petal on the lavender petal in 2nd of step 2 for good looking;

6th, glue a small pink petal on a lavender petal, and then glue them to the vacant place of the flower.

Step 4: Embellish the Ribbon Flower

1st, glue five shell beads on each smallest petal of the flower;

2nd, glue an imitation pearl on each shell bead;

3rd, glue a porcelain bead in the center of the flower;

4th, cut out a circle from felt and glue at back of the flower, then glue hair barrette on.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look:

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