DIY Ring "Lil Butterfly"




I'm going to show you how make a DIY ring with Miyuki beads for your Lady, your girlfriend or an other girl.

Step 1: List of Materials :

- a pattern created on paper or with a graphic app on your tablet.

- a (bead)loom at €5.50

- rubbles beads here of Miyuki Delicas 11/0 to about € 3 each bag

- a charm butterfly

- thread 0.20 mm nylon Turtle €3,30

- a chisel

- a needle to weave bead

Step 2: Prepare the Loom :

Our design contains 13 rows of pearls, so to prepare our loom, we'll need 14 threads.

To do this, take your spool of thread and tie a double knot on a nail from the loom, then start with the wires between the springs to go ride the other nail and return do the same thing on the other side to have 14 threads. Cut the thread and tie a double knot on the nail.

Loosen the roller and turn it so the threads tend.

To be sure of the correct tension of the threads, place your finger on your threads. You must feel them as tight as guitar strings.

Step 3: The Beads Weaving :

Take two lengths of your arm of the thread and made a first knot on the first thread on the left of your weaving, then hang the needle end of the wire.

Look at your pattern and take the middle of the ground line (to be most symetrical as possible).So start threading the beads following the order.

Pass your beads down line wire and place each bead between the wires, help you of your index to place them.

When all the beads are well placed, thread the needle in the beads but above the threads of weaving.

And follow your pattern and made the second line and so forth...

Step 4: The Beads Weaving ( Part 1) :

When you get to the end, in the last line, thread in the previous line appears in the middle then tie a knot between the wires and iron on the line later apparent then cut the excess.

Step 5: The Beads Weaving ( Part 2) :

To do the other part of the pattern, cut a length of wire, tie a knot on the first thread to the right of the weaving and pass the needle in the line of beads from the middle.

And then repeat your pattern and continue weaving as previously.

Attend the end of weaving, thread in the previous line appears in the middle and then tie a knot between the wires and iron on the line later emerge and cut the excess.

Step 6: The Weaving Is Finished :

It is the weaving is finished. Tuck the excess yarn and cut.

Step 7: Sew the Butterfly Charm :

Now take your butterfly, place it in the middle, cut some thread and sew it between the beads.

Step 8: The End of Weaving :

Now, cut all the wires at the ends at the level of the nails, then tuck all wires into the beads and cut the excess.

Step 9: Forming the Ring

Then cut a wire and attach the ends to form the ring, weave the yarn cross to hold closing well.

You can put a glue on the closure point.

Step 10: And Here Is the Finished Ring

All done! Your first ring is finished and so cute.



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