DIY Ring Light

Intro: DIY Ring Light

Many photographers use DIY light modifiers with their flashguns or lights.

Step 1: Materials


  • 1 metal bowl 22-26 cm diameter
  • 1 metal cylinder 10cm dia, 10 cm long
  • 1 plastic plate

Step 2: Make the Ball

I had a cylinder made in a tin shop but you can use a empty tin can from a fruit salad.

I also had the ball base cut in the shop.

Then I opened a hole in the side of the bowl for the flash

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Then I put everything together

I have the flash connected with an extension cord facing the subject. I use E-TTL mode. The lens of the camera goes through the bowl. The results are very good.

Step 4: Results

Here are the results

With some PP in Lightroom

Step 5: Thank You for Watching

Don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Thank you!



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice! That's a really good idea


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!