DIY Ringed Bracelet

Introduction: DIY Ringed Bracelet

About: Hey there! My name is Alex and I like to make things out of nothing and teach them to you guys. I have a youtube channel named DIYwithAlex where I show step by step instructions on how to make the DIY projec...

Hello! I decided to try something new and create another jewelry/bracelet item. This bracelet is a multiple ringed bracelet made of colorful beads and string. This bracelet is super simple and fast (you can make it in around 10 minutes) and it would definitely make a great accessory or gift. The outline of the bracelet is basically small rings attached to each other. I created a video showing all of the steps of this DIY which I will put down below. You can also find it at my channel DIYwithAlex. Thanks and Enjoy!

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