DIY Room Decor With Quilling Art: Feather Wall Frame.

Introduction: DIY Room Decor With Quilling Art: Feather Wall Frame.

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Hello my Instructable lovers! I bring for you one of the most unique DIY Room Decor Ideas with Quilling Art using which Feather Wall Frame can be created. making Interesting DIY Room Decor ideas can be made using quilling strips and a few basic craft supplies. This peacock feather wall frame is a fun art and craft activity that can be taken up as a part of your Best DIY Home Projects.

Wall hanging and wall frame ideas using Quilling Art, that are used to make easy paper crafts can be used to give a sophisticated look to your living room and add a touch of grandeur to your home in a simple, fun and creative way.

Step 1: Material Required.

The few basic craft supplies that you need to make this room decor are pretty much your basic quilling supplies.

Peacock feather Rough Sketch on white paper


Quilling strips in various colors



Step 2: Begin the Coils

Start by making the tear drop shaped coils in blue.

Paste these coils in the center of the peacock feather.

Make the tear drop shaped coils in orange and green colors too, encircling the blue tear drop coils in the center.

Step 3: Add to the Design

Now take a blue strip and paste it vertically as per the design.

Then take a green quilling strip and make a loose coil.

Slightly open it and paste it inside the blue strip.

Step 4: Build Your Craft

Build your craft further by pasting the quilling strips vertically, using the sketch to turn and curl the coils and quilling strips.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the Peacock Feather Quilling Room Decor

Once your craft is ready sprinkle some glitter and paste a decorative pearl in the center.

Step 5: Your Craft Is Ready!

There you have it friends! Your very own handcrafted simple to make and elegant to look DIY Peacock Feather Room Decor is ready to add beauty and glamour to your home. This pretty Wall hanging looks absolutely stunning and can also make for a beautiful handmade gift idea to any of your friends for a house warming event.

Quilling art can be used for a variety of home decoration ideas and easy wall hanging using quilling art can be made in no time. So watch the easy step by step tutorial on how to make Feather Quilling Wall Decor.

Step 6:

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