DIY Room Decor for Summer! Colorful & Fun Projects!





Introduction: DIY Room Decor for Summer! Colorful & Fun Projects!

Hi guys!! Today I bring you some colorful diy decor ideas for your room. As always they are all really easy and affordable and you can personalize all of them to give them your personal touch!

Beachy candle holders:

For the summer candle you will need: some sand, a glass, some colorful suede rope, and a small candle.

First, cut more or less a meter of the suede rope and tie it around the glass and make a knot. Then fill it with some sand and add the candle. It's really simple and it can give a summer touch to any room.

Another way of using sand for room decor is filling a jar with it, adding some stones at the top and putting some fake flowers.
The easiest way of make a room more colorful is using things that already have a lot of color like candy. Tie any rope to a jar and fill it with your favorite candy. This is also a perfect idea for guest rooms.

Inspirational wall art:

For the last project  you will need: some printed pictures, any inspirational quote of your choice, and a frame.

First cut your pictures and the quote. Then, take the glass of the mirror and place your quote. Arrange the pictures around the quote and move them around until you get the design you want. Tape the pictures with some double sided tape and don't forget to use a small amount in case you want to move them again. Finally tape the quote too and put the frame back together.

I love the final result of this project ,is so simple but it looks beautiful and I really like it because it has everything that I love.

That was all for this video, I hope you felt inspired by this ideas and let me know in the comment any video request that you have.

Thanks for watching!!



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