DIY Rose Lip Sugar Scrub for Soft, Pink & Kissable Lips – Home Remedies

Introduction: DIY Rose Lip Sugar Scrub for Soft, Pink & Kissable Lips – Home Remedies

About: Hey guys I'm ♥falguni♥, Welcome to my YouTube channel.I like to use homemade beauty products and believes in home-remedies.I think they are less costly and naturally effective solution to our beauty problems...

Hey guys ….today i will show you how to get soft, luscious and pink lips with simple ingredients lip scrub. All ingredients will be easily available at home.

making your own personal beauty care products is always a best way to use natural ingredients on our skin and it's also cheaper than the expensive beauty teatments available.If you have problems relating to Lips such as dark lips,chapped lips in winter,dry lips this lips scrub you will love to try.

This scrub is made from 100% natural ingredients.It helps to remove dead skin of lips and helps to regain fresh layers which makes lips soft,pink and of course kissable..!!

During winters it's always recommended to scrub your lips using these lip scrub to prevent chapped lips.

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Step 1: For This You Will Required:

2-3 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon honey

some Rose petals

Step 2: How to Do It:

Mix all the ingredients until you have a smooth, not runny, paste.

You can add more sugar if required.

Gently massage for 5 minutes in a circular motion onto your lips, with a soft bristle toothbrush ,then rinses it off with water.

Scrub off your lips every night using this lip-scrub and you will wake up with smooth, soft, luscious and pink lips.

This scrub will also help to get rid of lip pigmentation.

Step 3: ​Benefits of Ingredients Used in This Pack.

Benefits of ingredients used in this pack.

Sugar : It helps to gently exfoliates skin without being harsh and thus it is safe to use. . It also has moisturizing properties so it hydrates skin and prevents skin from getting dry.

Honey: It will help to soften lips and give your lips a pink glow.

Rose petals: Crushed rose petals will give your lips a naturally rosy color!

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