[DIY] Rubber Band Powered Cardboard Plane

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Welcome! If you have even wanted to make some kind of toy which you can take outdoors, with just cardboard and a rubber band? Well then you have come to the right place.

A few days ago i attended a workshop where we made a plane and were asked to fly it. Whichever plane flew the farthest won. I decided to take the plane and make it into something much better- rubber band powered. I added a few parts here and there, and to my astonishment- It flew 28 feet!!

After that, i decided to go ahead and make this out of cardboard. Decided it would be a good idea to share it with you all!

This will also be my submission for the "Make It Fly" competition.


What all you need-

Tools -


Hot Glue Gun


Super glue

Hot glue sticks


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Step 1: What All You Need:

Tools -


Hot Glue Gun


Super glue

Hot glue sticks


Step 2: Shaping the Plane

I am no expert in making planes - to be honest, this is the first time I am making a plane from scratch, so it might not fly perfectly.

Anyways, i went ahead and scanned the shapes I cut out. Feel free to make them on your own, or you can use the shapes I used.

Step 3: Superglue

After successfully cutting out the pieces, take your superglue and go ahead and apply it in the front (do not attach anything to the cardboard in the from yet, i will explain why the superglue it being put in a bit).

[The reason for putting superglue is to strengthen the cardboard so it does not tear or break while using.]

Apply the superglue on both sides.

Step 4: Attaching Wings

Attach the wings and make sure they are centered and not tilting to any side. Do that with both wings.

Step 5: Back Fin?

Attach the back fin thingy?? (again I am no expert in making planes 0_0) and make sure it is 90° to the back wings. the plane from the back should look something like the plane in the picture.

Step 6: Weights

Adding weights is important, if not done so, the plane will not fly properly. I found 2 soda tabs but you can use anything (coin, metal sheet etc.). Weight will depend on how big the plane is so it may vary from plane to plane.

Step 7: Almost There...

Find a medium-large sized rubber band, and you are ready for flight!!

Step 8: Plane Is Ready for Launch!

I hope you enjoyed making this simple Instructable! Do tell me what I should make next.All ideas will be taken into consideration.

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