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Today I show you how you'll get about 100 rubber bands in under 1 simple !

WATCH HERE: DIY - Rubber Bands - Life Hack

For the PROs :-D

A rubber band, also known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, laggy band, gum band or elastic is usually ring shaped and commonly used to hold multiple objects together.....

Pretty cool, huh??? ;-)

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Step 1: You Need

An old inner tube (bike, etc.)

and scissors....

Step 2: Let's Go

Cut it into pieces ! (determine the wide yourself, wider = stronger)

Step 3: Ready for Use

Now your rubber bands are ready for use......from JUST ONE inner tube u can get about 100 rubber bands !!!

Step 4: Use For... tie your pens/pencils

...cable tie.... etc.

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