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I have been suffering for a long time when im doing soldering because obviously you need your both hands for doing the job. Mainly your dominant hand should hold the soldering iron and the other catches the solder. So in case you are going to solder a pair of wires it would be pain in the butt without any set of helping hands. And since here in this area where i currently live it is near to impossible to find a reputable store fpr electronic equipments. So i developed this set of Helping hands mainly for soldering.

Step 1: Things That I Used

1. 2 sets of small right angled bars ( one you used for shelf making)
2. screws, washers and bolts ( one i used are from my scrap metal collection!!! so its free!!!!)
3. Zip ties ( 6 small pieces at least)
4. Popsicle stick for the base
5. Paper clip or any forceps available as long as it has minimal tension.

Step 2: Let's Start Making

first align two of your angle bars perpendicular to each other. as long as it would create a hand like structure. One angle bar would act as the stand or base and the other would be the actual hand where you will connect the clips later on.

Step 3: Securing the Bars.

secure the bars with a screw and a bolt. You can also use a rubber gasket or a washer in between the connection to reduce tension on the bars and to insulate the connection if you would be working with wires to avoid static.

Step 4: Attach the Clips.

You can either use a Black clip. used for filing. or a forcep. for my project i used a black clip to hold any PCB in the future and a forcep for holding wires

Step 5: FInally Attach the Base

FOr this step. its fully customisable. for me i gathered any wooden material for the base. thus i found paper clips and securing it using screws.



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    3 years ago

    This actually looks really good! Re-used, Simple, And Awesome!

    These are great looking, and who doesn't love another use for popsicle sticks! Thanks for sharing!