DIY - SMS Fart Prank Chair! [ With Linkit ONE ]

About: Just a Small Tinkerer ;)

This Fart Chair is used for Pranks with Friends Family and Guests too :D

With this Fart chair you will have to send an SMS to Linkit ONE to play a fart sound thorough a portable speaker at the bottom of the chair. The Linkit One Board will will only recognize "fart" or "FART" SMS so, that this chair doesn't get's activated by other messages.

The Fart sound can be downloaded through any free sound FX sharing website.

This is an Easy Project + it is a Rechargeable Project!

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

Get these:

1) Linkit ONE

2) GSM SIM Card

3) Portable Speaker

4) Sound file ( attached ) (make sure to rename file as "fart" if downloading from any other website)

Step 2: Prepare Linkit ONE

Prepare Linkit ONE as Follows:

1) Turn switch to MS Mode

2) Copy Paste "fart.mp3" file to Linkit ONE Internal Storage

3) Turn Switch to UART

4) Upload the Code Attached

5) Attach GSM Antenna

6) Attach Battery

7) Add SIM Card

Step 3: Stick All the Components

Now, Stick all the Components under the Chair. So, that they are not visible from top.

Step 4: Done!

Now, Plug the AUX Wire to the Linkit ONE,

Power ON All the Setup and Send an SMS ("fart") to the Phone number which is in Linkit ONE.

Happy Pranking!



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Haha, and with a little tweaking of the code you could SMS different messages for all kinds of sounds. fart1, fart2, stomach1, chaircrack, getoffme, phonering, mmmwarmmeup, etc... Options are endless.

    Ayush Sharmaaudreyobscura

    Reply 3 years ago

    I hope i could film it... But it was an one Time Project.
    & was tried with my 1 Friend only...
    The Linkit one has been taken out to Make another intresting Project..


    3 years ago

    good one :)