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Super fun halloween costume, snapchat filters!

You will need:

felt, paper or fabric


glue gun & glue sticks




Step 1:

First make your templates for the desired filter

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half then draw out the shape of your filter.

Do this for all needed templates

Step 2:

Cut the template on felt or fabric.

Next cut a piece of wire that can cover the whole tongue and shape the wire evenly over the tongue.

I added the wire for structure

Step 3:

Glue down the wire on the felt then glue the other half on top.

Glue the barbecue stick onto the tongue.

Thats it for the tongue.

Step 4:

Cut the ear templates on felt. The pink felt is for the inner ear and the brown felt for the outer ear.

Glue the inner ear on the outer ear then place a piece of wire on the felt and glue down the other half on top.

Step 5:

Bend down a quater of the ear and at the bottom.

Lastly attach the ear on the headband with your glue gun.



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