DIY SOLAR JACKET(Usb Phone Charger)



Introduction: DIY SOLAR JACKET(Usb Phone Charger)

If you can't make it simple,you don't have right to make it...

A very simple and easy to diy solar phone charging jacket and bag that even you can make at your home.

charges your phone to provide that juice that you need in emergency situations

for a full detailed view of the project don't forget to check this out DIY SOLAR USB CHARGER

Step 1: Why I Decided to Make One

Having a low battery in an emergency situation is the worst thing that can happen to you.

but the sun is always their to help you out but you need something to convert that enormous sun's energy into that precious amount of charge for your mobile device.

And thus i present you with this solar phone charger.

Step 2: What You Need...

Solar panel-6v-166ma

usb data cable

1n4007 diode

male female header connectors

heat shrink tubing


Step 3: Preparing the Panel

Solder the wire to the positive terminal of the solar panel

and solder the negative terminal of the diode(silver band side) to the negative terminal of the solar panel.

Step 4: Adding the Connector

Snap of the extra wires and then solder it onto the female header connectors.

using duct tape secure the connections.

Step 5: Preparing the Cable...

Cut the charging cable with longer on the microusb side.

using a wire stripper strip off the wire ends



solder the wires to the male header connectors and secure it from any stretches using the heat shrink tubing.

Step 6: VELCRO TIME...

VELCRO TAPE is the one of the best inventions from the fabric industry.

now just simply cut equal pieces of velcro tape

put a piece of velcro tape on the solar panel stick it with the help of hot glue gun.

another piece can be applied anywhere you want like your bag,jacket,shirt,sleeve or wheresoever you can imagine.

Step 7: Charging Time

Whensoever you feel out of juice just snap on the panel,plug in the cable to the panel and in your device and BOOM

charging started and you are ready to go

keep it plugged in for 1hour to get a 30% state of charge(based on test results)


The solar charger is designed in a way such that it can be very easily snapped onto many different types of clothing or backpacks and a lot of things.

Step 9: Check This Out

If you like this project of mine be sure to check out my


instructables account


solar backpack mach1


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