DIY STC MCU Combined Wireless Small Camera With OV7670, NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module, 2.8”TFT LCD (Provide Code)

Introduction: DIY STC MCU Combined Wireless Small Camera With OV7670, NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module, 2.8”TFT LCD (Provide Code)

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Because I am familiar with BMP image display under the FAT32 file system and the application of NRF 24L01 wireless transceiver module.What’ more, I own a OV7670 camera in my hand, so I decide to make a project which I dream about since my childhood. The project is the wireless video transmission and display on wireless mobile device.

I use one week to debug the OV7670 and I estimate roughly that the time of transmitting a 320*240 16-bit color picture is about 2 seconds and if only the monochrome picture, it can transmit 4 to 5 160*120 picture in one second.And the coherence is just so so ,but is OK just to play .The image acquisition terminal uses 24M crystal oscillator and the acceptation display terminal uses 33M. The MCU is STC12LE5A32AD 1T 51

Step 1: Acquisition Module

This acquisition module  is powered by the independent old lithium battery of the cell phone.

Step 2: TFT Receiver Display Module

It is the TFT receiver display module. This is also powered by the old lithium battery of the cell phone.

Step 3: A Problem Appears and Need Your Help

While the problem appears, why the picture taken by the OV7670 the green color will turn to the red and other color is basically no color ? Everything is normal when I debug.The output format is RGB565 and I try to change the register configurations which possibly have influence on.But the results are the same.

In my opinion, it should not be the problem of TFT display or disturb. And it may be the problem of the configuration of OV7670.But I don’t know which register configuration is wrong. I really hope someone could help me out about this problem.

At first I think it is the reason that I haven’t properly adjust the hue, that is to say it may be the hue register configuration of OV7670 is wrongly adjusted, but  the key point is that there is no hue register configuration in OV7670. I am confused about it, it will be appreciated who can help me out.

Step 4: Code for Reference

Following is the code. There are many useful subroutine, including the drive of OV, NRF24L01, TFT and SCCB Bus. The program is a little messy, and the people who master them and no need to see.

You could download the code from here:

Finally, really hope someone could help me to solve the problem!

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5 years ago on Introduction

I know it, if the problem is that the color of the image is some how blue and red instead of full color.

That's due to your camera image recording format, It is yCbCr and you should change it to RGB format.

I've had the same experience for implementing one of my image processing based projects. by the way the name was Target Tracking Camera

I used two servo motor as arms holding and moving the camera to left and right, and then up and down with free degree of 160 degree in both height and width

I use a USB webcam and it was done by Matlab


5 years ago on Introduction


I am Unable to open the code please kindly can u help me to get this code in other format. & please help me with Schematic diagram for this project. Thanks for sharing