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Cape Coral This is a very strong storm shelter we built that cost $3500. It took 3 weeks to complete and was a lot of work. The storm shelter has a low 7 feet profile providing very strong wind ptotection.



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    1 year ago

    Having something to shelter from a storm is far better than nothing however there is a lot of room for improvement to create a far stronger structure. #5 rebar 24" on center all the way around and at each course of block or layer of concrete pour. The rebar would also have 2 foot overlap in all wall corners and wall to roof transitions. Tie the walls to the floor slab rebar. The roof should optimally be made of concrete which can be poured on top of a reinforced plywood decking. The goal is to make the room as close to a single solid chunk of concrete as possible. You will also need to calculate the air ventilation cubic feet per minute base don the room and number of people. Fresh air bottom, warm air vents out the top of the wall. The door should also be storm rated with three lock points.

    FEMA has a specific document for such a building with extremely detailed schematics. You would be looking for "FEMA P-320 SAFE ROOM CONSTRUCTION PLANS". Check it out if you're looking to build a shelter.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It´s cool to post a private video.
    Very altruistic!



    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am unable to view this video; it is showing that it is a private video.

    bobby sissom

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Job well done. I live in oklahoma(tornado alley) and would much rather be in this type of structure in some of my storms. I do believe I will be copying your ideas in making my storm shelter,again a good job i enjoyed it very much

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    Thank you for the nice comment. If you can go somewhat below ground or build a dirt berm with grass or plant rooting that would be a good add on especially for the BIG twisters in your area. Hope you have safe weather:-).

    Thanks again for the comment.

    will be going a little below ground,... copying your floor (base),... natural rock,very thick walls, and the added berm( earth hill for cover) was my plan. some of these twisters can really spook you. i have seen seven in person but had only two scare me,lol