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Introduction: DIY Safe Solar Eclipse Viewer

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I know this is a bit late for the eclipse yesterday, but there are plenty more to come. Learn how to make a quick and safe eclipse viewer using nothing more than an old floppy disk!

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Step 1: Crack Open Your Floppy Disk

The useful part is the disk itself, so remove the casing either with a tool or your hands. It doesn't matter too much if you get little folds and fingerprints on the disk.

Step 2: Remove the Metal Centre and Fold in Half

One layer of disk is not enough to get a clear view of the eclipse, so use a bit of force to remove the metal piece in the centre and fold the disk in half.

Step 3: Enjoy the View!

Now just hold up the disk, doesn't matter how far away it is from your eye, and enjoy a clear view of the eclipse! An alternative to folding your disk in half is to layer two of them, as I did in the above photo.

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