DIY Samsung USB Charger




Oh, how we love to use our phones and devices! There is a HUGE variety of them out there,



Apple Devices


Video Games

And MANY more are out there, too! We will end up using them to their best potential. We play, play, and what was that other thing? Oh yeah, PLAY! I have seen a large variety of USB chargers here on Instructables. Most of them are based off of apple devices. I have made one of them by Matt Jenkins, a well respected member of the Tech Community. I made his for my iPod. Well, I took part of his design. I made his voltage regulator different so it would suit a Samsung device nicely.

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Step 1: Grab Your Parts!


-9V battery

-9V battery clip

-Switch (I decided to use a reed switch. Use any you want!)

-LED (Optional)

-(If you decide to get the LED)350 ohm resistor

-22uF Capacitor

-5V Regulator

-10nF Capacitor (Code 103)

-33k Resistor 2X

-10K Resistor 2X

-Female USB


-Soldering Iron


-Wire Strippers

-Electrical Tape


I AM TELLING YOU THIS BECAUSE I AM DESPERATE TO WIN! Just Kidding... Except for the voting part, I'm not desperate.

Step 2: How Does This Work?

This is a pretty simple circuit.

Take your battery clip and solder it on a perf board or just hook it up to the reed switch. If you put it on the perf board, then hook it up to the switch after you solder it onto the board. Then solder your LED on. Put the 350 ohm resistor on the anode (Positive) leg of the LED. Afterwards, hook that up to the 22uF capacitor. The short leg is the negative. It also usually will have an arrow pointing to it on the capacitor. Done? Now, comes the Voltage Regulator. Flip it to the side where there are numbers and letters. The left side is the input of the regulator. That is where the 9V will go. The middle is ground. YOU MUST Solder in the ground. The right side is the output, which is 5V. Hook up the 10nF capacitor after the regulator. Once finished, take your 33k resistors and solder them on the side of the board where your positive input is. Hook up the 5V to it. Then take your 10K and hook it up on the negative input side. Solder it to the negative input. Then, on the ends where the resistors aren't soldered together, put a wire in between each voltage divider. Hook them up to the data lines of the USB. Google a USB pinout. It will tell you which pins are pos. and which are neg. Now, make sure each part is in the right place. Do this so you know you won't burn out your REALLY EXPENSIVE Samsung. After, put in the USB plug. Plug in your Samsung device. Flip the switch and watch the amazing phone have the charging sign on it. :D

I also have an iPod charger. Not as good as the original one, but it's good. Go to my 'ible page and you will see a navy blue altoids tin. That's it!

Step 3: Question?

The picture is just a comparison of the size of it. It is about as wide as a dime. Ask away here!

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