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Introduction: DIY Santa’s Cakes

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Hello lovelies ! I’m back with a new super Christmas tutorial (just 8 days missing *. *). This DIY was inspired by some picts I found on Pinterest and it’s not really a recipe, but rather a way to decorate your cakes and cupcakes ;)

Everything you’ll need is:
a chocolate cake
some strawberries
a pastry ring
a pastry bag

Step 1: Crop

First of all you’ll  have to cut many small round cakes with a pastry ring.

Step 2: Strawberry Time

Then place a strawberry upside down and finally decorate with cream using the pastry bag.

Step 3: Cream It

You’ll have to make a sort of mini Santa Claus hat like shown in pict! And voilà, mission completed. No sweat!  ;)

But now I want to know from you: “What kind of sweets and cakes are you preparing for the Holidays?”. Let me know in the comments below, I’m extremely curious and need to try new recipes!

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