DIY: Scrap-wood Dice

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This project is moderately difficult and is fun and pretty easy.



Miter box and Saw

An orbital Sander

Speed square

Measuring tape

Paper towel


2x2 Pine post.

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Step 1:

Measure out the wood and mark it. In this case the high and the width of the wood was 1 1/4 inches... So i measured out 1 1/4 inches in length out of the post.

Step 2:

Now use a miter box to cut a strait line. But you must compensate for the kirf of the blade but cutting next to the line that you drew on the wood.

Step 3:

This is how it should look after you are done. Also do steps 1-2 again to make another cube.

Step 4: Sanding

Use an orbital sander to round out the the cubes.

Step 5:

Then use a sharpie to make the numbers and marks on the cubes.

Step 6: Optional

Then stain and wipe of the excesses stain. OR. You could use linseed oil.

Step 7:

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