DIY: Scratch-Off Tickets




Make your own lotto tickets, wedding invites or even secret love notes!

Step 1:

here's what you need:
clear shelf paper
dish soap
metallic acrylic paint
paint brush

Step 2:

1. Draw the message or picture you'd like to hide beneath the scratch off paint.
I used sharpie and ended up putting on several coats to hide the boldness of my letters.
You print an image on the cardstock or use different materials to create the image.

Step 3:

2. Cut the shelf paper to a rectangle or square to fit over words or picture.
Peel off the backing and place the clear square on the picture, sticky side down.

Step 4:

3. Mix the paint and dish soap in a little container.
1 part soap and 2 parts paint.

Step 5:

4. Apply generously on top of the shelf paper. I would paint a coat, wait until it dried and then paint another. I ended up painting 4 coats all together.

Step 6:

5. Once it is dry, you can test it out and scratch off with a coin.
I made a stencil and made hundreds of these little cards that say,
"& you are ____"

can you guess what it says?

Step 7:


you can get super creative with your message or how you want to give out these little tickets!



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    7 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    basically :) They're all adhesive contact papers. This is 4 years late for you, but maybe someone else had the same Q and could find this reply useful. LOL!


    4 years ago

    will it work if i use simple paint instead of mettalic paint


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cool! I tried it out and it works. I used darker paint though cause I didn't have any other. Technically I only needed one coat, I did two anyway to make sure it's covered, but it's an idea if you don't mind it not looking like real scratch-off.